Beauty product labels and advertising make some pretty radical claims about how they will make us look and feel younger but if the products you are using are full of chemicals and toxic ingredients they could likely be doing the opposite of what they claim – and worse!!

The beauty industry is MASSIVE and the dollar amount companies spend on advertising to get you to buy their products astronomical. But in an industry with loose regulations, the products you buy claiming to reduce lines, wrinkles and spots could be aging your skin AND your whole body causing far worse health problems than just your smile lines!

Your skin absorbs the chemicals and toxins found in beauty products, in fact it takes just 26 seconds for them to reach your bloodstream. Keep your beauty routine clean and natural for the health of you and your family.

I have 3 easy, natural and economical beauty tips for you below.

First though, know what to avoid:

Parabens: widely used preservative found in make up, deodorant, body wash etc. Associated with increased risk of breast cancer & organ toxicity. Known to disrupt our delicate hormone balance.

Fragrance: Found in such products as perfume, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizers and others. According to the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database, fragrance mixes are associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential negative effects on the reproductive system.

Phthalates: Found in many deodorants, perfumes/colognes, hair sprays and moisturizers. Known to be endocrine disruptors and linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and birth defects.

Triclosan: classified as a pesticide by the FDA. Found in toothpastes, antibacterial soaps and deodorants. Known as a skin irritant and endocrine disruptor particularly thyroid and reproductive hormones.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/ Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES): Found in a huge percentage of foaming personal care and cleaning products including shampoo, body wash, mascara and cleansers. Known to be skin, lung and eye irritants and possibly a carcinogen when combined with other chemicals.

Toulene: Found in nail polish, nail treatments and hair colour. It’s a petrochemical and a powerful solvent that can irritate skin and cause nausea and respiratory problems. Can cause damage to a developing fetus so pregnant women should avoid exposure.

Sunscreen chemicals: Protection from the sun is important but using sunscreens full of chemicals may also cause cancer cell formation and cell damage. Avoid products with ingredients like benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate and ethoxycinnmate. Use natural sunscreen as an alternative and a hat and clothing when spending hours in the sun.

Three Natural, Effective and Economical beauty alternatives:


1. Coconut oil is great used on its own as a moisturizer as well as an effective make up remover even for eye make up. Keep a jar in your bathroom.

A simple moisturizer recipe is:

½ cup coconut oil
1 tsp vitamin E oil (or pierce 2-3 capsules and squeeze)
5 drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil

Mix together in a bowl. If the coconut oil is hard in the cooler months use a hand blender to combine until smooth and creamy.

(recipe by

2. Rosehip oil for dark eye circles – apply a few drops by patting tips of fingers under your eye.

3. Vitamin C serum (lasts for 3-5 days so make in small batches)

1 tsp vitamin C powder (use a pure form free from additives)
1 tsp purified water
1 tsp glycerin (optional) (use organic vegetable glycerin. I found mine on iherb)
¼ tsp Vit E oil (or capsule) (optional)

Mix in a small bowl until granules are dissolved. Add a tsp of water if you don’t use glycerin and Vit E.Transfer to small dark glass bottle.

Apply to skin on face at night after cleansing and apply moisturizer as usual. Apply to backs of hands as well.

Tingling is normal but if you feel burning wipe off immediately. Adjust recipe with more water and/or glycerin so that it suits your skin.

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Remember, your skin and your family’s skin is precious. The best way to promote youthful, glowing skin is to use natural and safe personal and cleaning products, eat wholefoods and minimize processed food in your diet and to enjoy an active lifestyle. LIVE YOURSELF YOUNG from the inside out!